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The Related Videos module is designed to feature additional video content on your video player page. Providing your users with relevant “jump off points” (videos) while they view content increases user engagement and improves the overall ‘stickiness’ of your site.

In its default state, this module will feature the most recent videos that are part of the same playlist as the video being played. You may wish to only feature the oldest and newest  video in that playlist, or show a bundle of videos that belong to the same playlist but may have certain characteristics in common. The best way to accomplish this is to add another layer of tags to the group of videos that you wish to display in your Related Videos section.

For example, let’s assume you have 10 videos that belong to the same playlist and thus share a tag titled ‘Automotive.’ You want your Related Videos section to display only 3 of those videos. In the module, select “Load Video with the same Admin Tags” from the “Related Item Type” section. Then, in the ‘Content’ tab simply assign a new tag to the 3 videos you wish to display. Whenever you wish to update this content again simply delete your newly added tags and apply a new tag to the fresh content.

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