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In order to create a custom RSS Feed log into the admin and select the ‘Channel’ tab. Under the “Content Syndication” section, click on “Manage Custom mRSS Feeds.”

The system automatically generates sample feeds including Most Recent, Top Rated, Most Popular and Most Discussed.

If you wish to create a custom mRSS feeds, in the same screen select “Create a New Managed Feed.”

As seen in the screenshot above, you are presented with a number of options. You can create a custom feed from an existing playlist or generate a new feed based on search term criteria. The feed can also be associated with a permalink for programmatic access.

If you are generating a feed of Waywire hosted content you have the option of accessing the source URL for that content item. To do this, ensure the “Link to Video Files” radio button is selected to Yes.

The feed will also include links to thumbnail images. For each video file Waywire generates a Large and Small thumbnail image. Make the necessary selection in the screen above depending on your use case.

If you have any other questions on managing custom mRSS feeds please contact a Waywire support representative at waywiresupport [at] waywire [dot] com.

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